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About Dr. Briana "Bri" Andor

Bri is a Texan and a life-long McKinney resident. A long time conservative activist, she was honored to receive the prestigious Dixie Clem Award and the Collin County GOP Chairman’s Award. And, when called to by her peers, served as President of the Collin County College Republicans and later the Young Republicans. Before college, Bri gained national attention as the first woman in the United States to play at the elite Junior A level of hockey. Bri enjoyed protecting the net as goalie for the Las Vegas Rattlers, the Salt Lake City Grizzlies, and the Helena Bighorns. After getting injured, Bri enrolled in Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas. There she earned her Doctorate in Chiropractic and double-bachelor of science degrees in Anatomy, and Health and Wellness. Bri is the owner and principal doctor at Andor Chiropractic. Her practice focuses on mothers, children and student athletes. She currently gives back to our community by serving on the Board of Trustees for the county Meals on Wheels organization. As a true Texan, Bri is a lifetime member of the NRA. She is the mother to two beautiful daughters and is married to local attorney Joshua Andor. Her family attends Stonebridge United Methodist Church.



We must stop the government from encroaching on our private property rights. As your next Commissioner, I will stand firm alongside my county colleagues and fight government over-reach at every turn. We must not allow political posturing and special interests to strip our citizens from one of their most fundamental rights and freedoms.


Collin County has one of the lowest tax rates in Texas. I will unapologetically fight to keep taxes low for hard-working families and businesses. To achieve this, the Court must always focus on our core-functions: public safety and transportation.


Our County is growing at a phenomenal rate. In addition to weekly Court meetings, commissioners must also spend time in their precinct meeting with constituents. Collin County residents need, want and deserve full-time representation to ensure the priorities of the County are met. I will work to be available to our citizens, county employees and community leaders on a full-time basis.


We must have a strong focus on this CORE FUNCTION of your government. The protection of our people should be our highest concern. Our law enforcement community does a tremendous job. They deserve our support and the necessary resources to keep us safe.


We must be diligent and plan proactively for the continued needs of our citizens. Traffic congestion and an effective expansion of the Collin County Jail are priorities that must be addressed. Our county staff are highly-skilled and efficient, and we must include them in our long-term planning.

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